Listening Statistics

Hello everyone!

Since the creation of the website, I have been keeping track of radio station listening statistics in the Grand Theft Auto game series. Unfortunately, I didn't anticipate the radio's popularity, so I didn't collect information about each radio station separately. However, based on the overall statistics, we can still draw some conclusions.

The radio hours counter for all three radio stations was started at the same time, so the current statistics accurately reflect players' love for radio in each game.

Let's take a look at each game and see how many hours of radio have been listened to.

Currently, the website features three games - Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA 3. Leading the pack is Vice City, with its virtual recreation of 1980s Miami. Since the launch of the radio, we have listened to 23 533 hours of radio from this game. It proves that disco music, 80s hits, and the atmosphere of that era still resonate with anyone who has experienced Rockstar's games.

Initially, San Andreas radio was at the top among users, which is not surprising since the website was initially created specifically for that game, of which I am a fan myself. However, after the introduction of Vice City radio, it gradually started surpassing the radio of the sunny state, and now the gap grows larger each day, amounting to a whopping -3 215 hours.

Nevertheless, San Andreas radio is not far behind. The game, depicting the atmosphere of the 90s in Los Angeles and beyond, also enjoys immense popularity. Since its creation, we have listened to 26 748 hours of radio. In my opinion, this game offers the most diverse radio experience among the 3D games in the series. It features classic hip-hop, country, soul, gangsta rap, rock, and that's just scratching the surface. The radio played a significant role in creating the unforgettable atmosphere of this game.

Grand Theft Auto 3, the first 3D game in the series, presented us with a dark and chaotic atmosphere of Liberty City. Since its release, 4 638 hours of radio have been listened to. The radio in this game lags behind the others by a significant margin, but there is nothing unusual or bad about it. This game generally has fewer fans, as it was the first entry in the GTA 3D universe, and some aspects may not hold up as well today. The radio in GTA 3 was an experiment, even though it was not the first one. However, it was this game that gave us in-game radio as a whole, turning the rough concept of the 2D universe into a complete gaming experience that immerses players even deeper. Combined with the silent protagonist, Claude, the radio became the player's inner voice.

Music plays a vital role in this series, creating the atmosphere and conveying the mood of each era. I'm sure that many of you, like me, have occasionally launched the game just to get in a nearby car (if it wasn't already parked in the garage) and cruise around while listening to your favorite radio station.

I would like to thank everyone for continuing to visit the website and listen to the radio. Thanks to this project, I have improved my development skills. I also want to express special thanks to those who support the project financially - until last month, the website was running solely on the funds sent by radio listeners. Thank you for being a part of all this!

Lastly, I would like to share the chart showing music listening in each game, which is updated daily. Listen to more music from your favorite game, and perhaps soon the lines on the graph will intertwine once again. :)