Grand Theft Auto Radio
– your musical time machine!

Where every note is a legend, every radio station is a piece of history.
Immerse yourself in the world of grand adventures, tune in to Flash FM and dive into the 80s style with Tommy Vercetti in Vice City. Switch to MSX FM and feel the dark atmosphere of Liberty City. And if you crave freedom, head to the desert of San Andreas with K-DST and CJ.
Here, every track is a meeting with heroes of the past.
During the existence of the website, more than 54 946 hours of radio stations have been listened to.

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The website has no advertisements and is not monetized. However, the site requires financial support to cover expenses of over $100 per year. You can support the website and receive bonuses.

Listening Statistics

Since the creation of the website, over 30,000 hours of radio have been listened to. I am collecting some statistics on listening, and all the information is gathered on this page.

New radio stations

An explanation of why the LCS radio does not work, as well as information about other mobile radios in GTA


Major Updates

In the june of 2023, the website underwent major changes in both design and radio functionality. Learn more about the updates here.