Major Updates

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share with you all the changes that have been made recently. I have taken into account all your feedback and the issues with the current implementation of the radio, and I have made a number of significant improvements to make the website even more user-friendly and functional. Here's what has been done:

  1. I completely revamped and enhanced the radio playback system. It now operates even smoother and without any delays, ensuring a more stable audio streaming. To achieve this, I had to completely rewrite the entire audio content logic.
  2. We conducted a complete redesign of the website to give it a more modern and user-friendly look. Now, the radio stations are always easily accessible, and it is clearer what the website is all about, eliminating any confusion (for me) about where to place new content.
  3. We added the ability for synchronous playback of radio stations on different devices. Now you can listen to your favorite tracks without interruption while switching between devices. You can also enjoy Radio Espantoso together with your friend, enhancing the immersive experience during cooperative gameplay.
  4. Now, on the website, you can see information about the currently playing track on the selected radio station. This will help you quickly identify the song you are currently listening to. It took several days to identify all the audio tracks, commercials, and DJ inserts, and I want to thank everyone who helped with this.
  5. The radio has been optimized to work smoothly even with slow internet speeds. Now you can enjoy the music even when you are in remote areas with a low-speed internet connection.
  6. I made every effort to ensure the website works smoothly on iOS devices. But, due to certain limitations in the latest versions of iOS, I had to sacrifice the sound when switching between radio stations. I hope this does not affect your experience of using the website. Additionally, there may be issues with playing music from the Control Center on the latest OS versions.
  7. Our website is now available in two languages - Russian and English. This will allow an even larger number of people to enjoy the music from GTA games without the need to use a translator for a more accurate recreation of familiar game menus.
  8. The functionality of audio notifications on mobile devices has been improved, and now the notifications work more reliably. You will always be informed about what is currently playing and be able to quickly pause the radio if needed.
  9. I have also made some adjustments to the design of the radio stations to make them even more visually appealing and meet your expectations.

These are not all the changes made to the website, but rather the most significant ones. Much more work has been done, but I believe that the technical aspects may not be of interest to many. In any case, this is not the final version of the radio, and I will continue to work on improving and developing it so that you can enjoy the wonderful music from the GTA game series.

Thank you for your support!