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Hello everyone!

Our radio station has been in existence for over six months, and during this time, the project has "eaten up" a lot of money. In six months, I have spent $60 on hosting and $25 on domain registration. But it was a period of difficulties when I was afraid of being banned by TakeTwo, and the website experienced sudden popularity. Now, in a calm environment, the radio station needs a smaller amount - around $130, to survive throughout the next year. Out of this amount, $110 will go towards hosting, and $20 towards the domain.

I pay for the domain specifically for the radio station, but unfortunately, it doesn't lead to the radio, but to me :) To fix this situation, we need to spend an additional $20 on a new domain that will immediately point to the essence of our website. However, the old domain should also be preserved for those who have bookmarked the site and are not following the latest changes, so that they don't lose access to our radio.

Additionally, I dream of receiving a little support for myself, but that's just a dream :) I recently completely updated the internal and external aspects of the website to make it look the way I originally envisioned it (but back then, my plans were disrupted by a sudden surge in popularity). That's why, for the second time during the radio's existence, I want to remind you of the opportunity to financially support our project. As a token of gratitude, you can also receive some game-related "merch" from me! If you're interested in merch, please contact me through any convenient method (contact information is provided on the homepage) or email me at

If you contribute any amount to support the project, I will be able to add your name, nickname, or message to the website. If you have previously donated money, feel free to write to me, and I will mention you on the site again. Throughout this period, the project could be supported in various ways: through Boosty, personal transfers, or VK donations. However, the exact amount of donations was not always transparent, so I decided to fix that here on the website.

Below, you will see several progress bars reflecting the progress in paying for the website for the next year, the payment for the new domain, and other project goals. Now, when you decide to financially support the website, you can specify where exactly you want to direct your funds, and I will add them to the corresponding progress bar. You can also provide your nickname or message, which we will display on the website according to your preference.

Thank you to everyone who decides to support our project! If you are unable to help financially, please write a message of gratitude to me on any of the social networks - I would really appreciate it :)

For website payment
For a new domain related to the website's theme
Simple gratitude to the author

List of supporters

  1. Анатолий Ч. ($112.43)
  2. New Third ($22.49)
  3. Alexander Bakunovich ($17.99)
  4. Александр ($16.86)
  5. Владимир Хлобжев ($13.49)
  6. Мишаня Вискарь ($5.62)
  7. brunoticianelli ($4.50)
  8. ElderSoap ($3.37)
  9. Черный Прям черный ($3.37)
  10. ARTverse ($2.81)
  11. Дмитрий Александрович ($2.25)
  12. Роман ($1.69)
  13. marmakar ($1.12)
  14. Stbu Iloveonlyilyax ($0.56)
  15. Артём Буруянэ ($0.56)