New radio stations

Hello everyone!

People often write to me about why LCS doesn't work, or when any other radios from GTA games will appear. To clarify the situation, I will describe why work on adding new radios has not been moving forward for quite a long time.

In short, it's a lack of server resources. Each radio is 9+ radio stations, that is, 9+ radio streams. Running radio streams requires a fairly powerful processor. At the moment, all desktop games in the 3D universe are running - these are 29 audio streams, which force the server processor to work 24 hours a day at a load of about 80%. Even with such a load, the site may not be able to support a large number of users, and if you load the processor even more, the site will begin to work intermittently even with a small number of users.

What to do? I have been looking for a solution to the problem for a long time. I optimized the operation of the server and audio streams as much as possible, but I have not achieved a better result than what is currently available, and I am unlikely to achieve it. Therefore, I see only such solutions - moving to a server with a more powerful processor, or purchasing additional servers for games in the 2D/3D-mobile universe, and for games in the HD universe.

The problem is that deploying radio stations on other servers requires a lot of time, and each additional server will cost me a fairly large amount of money. You can find out how much money I currently spend on the site on the project support page

At the moment, the donations that I have received are enough to rent the current server, as well as to pay for the domain. But purchasing additional servers requires even more money. When additional funds become available, I will rent a server with a more powerful processor in test mode and check how many game radios it can handle. And then I will be ready to add radio stations from other games to the site. But from that moment on, the cost of this project will increase several times, so I will need your support. If you would like to thank me for my work, you can view the project support page

Thank you for your support!